Just a few stories about how our Open Source Intelligence investigations have helped others

USE CASE 1 : Narrative shaping and monitoring - Trident Juncture 2018
:: Disinformation Detection - Canadian Election

Nexalogy participated extensively in Trident Juncture 2018 with NATO as an emergent technology in cyber social media security and artificial intelligence. In addition to international military exercises, Nexalogy has also shown the capacity of our tech to detect foreign interference in Canadian diplomatic and political discussions well ahead of news journalism. Nexalogy’s Director of Public Sector Services presented on AI in the case of Trident Juncture 2018 and the relationship between AI and Human Rights at the Concordia 4th Space as part of an event hosted by the Montreal Institute for Genocide Studies.

USE CASE 2 : Crisis Management - Canada Day 150
:: VIP Protection, Better ad targeting & message crafting - BOLO

  • Working with federal law enforcement agencies as testing departments within the build in Canada innovation program, Nexalogy was responsible for helping LEAs monitor Twitter during the keystone celebration on Parliament hill for the 150th anniversary of Canada. Due to the Bibeau terror attack against parliament hill Nexalogy’s technology was used as a preventative detection and coordination technology for crowd protection and threat identification.
  • BOLO used Nexalogy to help raise awareness of accused criminals at large; the first arrest of a wanted individual was made in August 2019

USE CASE 3 : Crisis Management - Zapad 2017
:: Russian Military Exercises

Nexalogy tech also collects and reports on Russian language discussions as part of NATO operations as was the case for the major Russian military exercise Zapad 2017 which included videos circulated online of explosive ordinance being fired almost directly on top of journalist observers. Nexalogy AI helps NATO to understand, build, engage, neutralise and distract (B.E.N.D) techniques of information warfare in languages other than english such as Russian, French and Korean.

USE CASE 4 : Improved Situational Awareness
:: Contested Urban Environments

CUE18 video in French

  • Nexalogy was a participant in the CUE18 exercise in Montreal, Canada, where our technology was used to monitor reactions to war-games and to advance information environment assessment and sense-making in the event of urban warfare in a metropolitan centre. Nexalogy collaborated with Five Eyes partners to advance information warfare capabilities in urban environments for future conflict readiness.
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USE CASE 5 : Targeting Radicalization - Technology Against Terrorism
:: Counterterrorism

  • Nexalogy has been tracking jihadist discussions on Twitter for several years, concentrating on mentions of ‘al-kanadi’ and ‘al-britani’ this research leads directly to the identification of terrorism networks and is evident of the B.E.N.D. social media methodology in action. This type of data science is critical for current and future diplomats and law enforcement agents and that is why we have a comprehensive a d concise training program.
  • Link to presentation

USE CASE 6 : SNC Lavalin - Fake News

The SNC Lavalin scandal has rocked Ottawa over the last few months
As part of Algorithms for Democracy Nexalogy collected data on the scandal in an ongoing recording
Multiple suspicious accounts are present in the discussions taking place in March 2019, and they mainly aim to increase emotional reactions and volatility

USE CASE 7 : Energy East - Fake News

The Energy East pipeline was a proposed oil pipeline in Canada. It would deliver diluted bitumen from Western Canada and North Western United States to Eastern Canada, from receipt points in Alberta, Saskatchewan and North Dakota to refineries and port terminals in New Brunswick and possibly Quebec. The CA$12 billion pipeline would be the longest in North America when complete.
TransCanada cancelled the project on October 5, 2017


NEXAINSIGHTS AI’s mission is to harness our technology for the good of society by putting tools with the potential to prevent crime and save lives in the hands of LEAs who struggle to find meaning in the data deluge produced by social media.

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