Plug and play retrofit solution

We extend the life of existing Point of Sale (POS) terminals and upgrade them to have the benefit of new cloud based terminals.



Enable small to medium-sized merchants to level the playing field with large chain stores having the significant advantage of using sophisticated analysis of their sales data – a capability which has until now been cost prohibitive to small businesses.

Our Solution

Simple, Cost-effective & Easy

Datametrex’s proprietary DataTap (DT) combined with our robust Dashboard provides real-time access to sales information from all POS systems.

Using the DataTap vendors are able to experience all the benefits of a cloud based POS without incurring the high costs associated with upgrading POS systems.

Our Dashboard is more than a sales report: it is a store management tool that will assist vendors in running every aspect of their business.

Our Product

DataTap, Dashboard and ERP

Datametrex’s DataTap, Dashboard and ERP system offer retailers affordable solutions for collecting and analyzing data. We offer plug and play solutions via our DataTap device, customizable Dashboards and ERP to meet the specific needs of our clients.

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