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2018-12-17 Datametrex Identifies Fake News on Equalization Payments
2018-12-11 Datametrex Invited to Attend 16th Canada-Korea Forum
2018-12-10 Datametrex Testing Automated Sentiment Analysis for NexaIntelligence AI Platform
2018-12-06 Datametrex Signs First Contract for Canntop AI
2018-12-04 Graph Blockchain Secures Contract With Hyundai and IBM
2018-12-03 Datametrex Announces Voting Results From the 2018 Annual and Special Meeting of Shareholders
2018-11-28 Datametrex Provides Corporate Strategy
2018-11-28 Datametrex Reports Third Quarter Results
2018-11-22 Claude Théoret, President of Nexalogy to Partiticapte at G7 AI Conference
2018-11-19 Datametrex Completes AI Solution for Detecting Fake News
2018-11-16 Datametrex Announces Termination of Letter of Intent Between Ronin and Cluny Capital Corp.
2018-11-08 Graph Blockchain Receives Final Listing Approval
2018-11-07 Datametrex and Graph Blockchain in Discussions With the Ministry of Trade and Agriculture
2018-11-02 Datametrex Secures $200,000 With the Canadian Federal Government
2018-10-29 Datametrex Provides Further Update on Canntop AI Subsidiary
2018-10-16 Graph Blockchain Receives Conditional Approval
2018-10-16 Datametrex Provides Update on Canntop AI Subsidiary
2018-10-15 Datametrex AI Limited Announces Issuance of Stock Options
2018-10-11 Datametrex AI Limited Hires Sussex Strategy Group for Government Relations
2018-10-05 Datametrex AI Limited Announces Shares for Debt Transactions
2018-10-05 Datametrex Announces Termination of Early Exercise Warrant Incentive Program
2018-10-02 Graph Blockchain Updates on RTO
2018-09-20 Datametrex Subsidiary Canntop AI Focuses on Cannabis
2018-09-18 Datametrex Creates Artificial Intelligence Company Focused on Cannabis
2018-09-12 Graph Blockchain Updates on Going Public and Concurrent Private Placement
2018-09-10 Nexalogy Provides Key Benefits for Cannabis Growers
2018-08-23 Graph Blockchain Solutions Target $15.5 Trillion Logistics Sector With Latest Contracts
2018-08-22 Graph Blockchain Signs MOU with Korean Trade Organization
2018-08-16 Graph Blockchain Updates on RTO
2018-08-15 Graph Blockchain Secures Contract With LG Electronics
2018-08-01 Datametrex Secures $500,000 Contract
2018-07-16 Graph Blockchain Commences Prototype Development for a Division of Samsung
2018-07-03 Datametrex Announces Ronin RTO
2018-06-19 Datametrex Secures Second Contract with Lotte
2018-06-06 Graph Blockchain Announces Contract With Multinational Electronics Company
2018-06-05 Graph Blockchain Receives Second Payment From IBM
2018-05-30 Graph Blockchain Receives First Payment From IBM
2018-05-25 Datametrex AI Further Disclosure on Contract With Hyundai
2018-05-25 Datametrex AI signs contract with Hyundai
2018-05-24 Cluny Capital Corp. Provides Corporate Update
2018-05-24 Datametrex AI Secures First Contract with Lotte
2018-05-24 Datametrex Subsidiary Ronin Blockchain Increases Total Capacity to 300 Megawatts
2018-05-16 Datametrex Subsidiary Helps to Promote Awareness of Canada’s Most Wanted Individuals
2018-05-02 Datametrex AI Subsidiary Graph Blockchain Update on Submitting Non-Offering Prospectus to the OSC
2018-04-10 Datametrex Subsidiary Ronin Blockchain Commences Mining in Two Geographies
2018-03-28 Datametrex’s Joint Venture Graph Blockchain Announces Application of 4 Patents With Patent and Trademark Offices
2018-03-27 Datametrex AI Negotiating with Hyundai
2018-03-26 Datametrex Announces New Board Member for Graph Blockchain
2018-03-22 Datametrex Announces Appointment of New CEO for Ronin Blockchain
2018-03-22 Datametrex AI Provides Update on Negotiations With Lotte
2018-03-21 Datametrex Announces Appointment of President and Chief Operating Officer for Graph Blockchain Limited
2018-03-20 Datametrex AI Joint Venture Graph Blockchain Files Non-Offering Prospectus
2018-03-19 Datametrex AI Joint Venture Graph Blockchain Signs Contract With Insurance Company
2018-03-15 Datametrex Provides Update on Shoptalk
2018-03-12 Datametrex Subsidiary Ronin Blockchain Receives First Mining Rig Order
2018-03-12 Datametrex Commences Branding and Awareness Campaign
2018-02-28 Graph Blockchain Continues Expanding Market Penetration
2018-02-27 Datametrex AI Limited Provides Nexalogy Update
2018-02-26 Datametrex AI Limited Announces Proposed Private Placement and Public Listing of Ronin
2018-02-20 Datametrex Subsidiary Ronin Blockchain Places First Mining Rig Order
2018-02-14 Datametrex Subsidiary Ronin Blockchain Signs Definitive Agreement With Gosun Holdings for Up to 100MW in 2018
2018-02-13 Datametrex Subsidiary Nexalogy Starts a New Investor Relations Division For Competitive Intelligence and Targeted Market Awareness
2018-02-12 Datametrex AI Subsidiary Graph Blockchain Signs Contract for Electric Power and Utility Project
2018-02-09 Datametrex Provides Update on Shoptalk Acquisition
2018-02-06 Datametrex Subsidiary Ronin Blockchain Establishes Canadian Crypto Mining Footprint
2018-01-22 Datametrex AI Limited Announces Issuance of Stock Options
2018-01-17 Datametrex and Bitnine Global Announce Closing of Private Placement for Joint Venture Graph Blockchain Limited
2018-01-16 Datametrex Completes Acquisition of Ronin Blockchain Corp.
2018-01-12 Datametrex Announces Closing of $3,000,000 Non-Brokered Private Placement
2018-01-08 Datametrex Announces Binding LOI to Acquire Shoptalk Analytics
2018-01-05 Datametrex AI Limited Announces Proposed Private Placement
2018-01-04 Datametrex Plans to Spin Out Graph Blockchain Joint Venture
2018-01-03 Datametrex JV Graph Blockchain Announces Financing
2018-01-02 Datametrex AI Announces New Advisory Board Member Spiros Margaris
2017-12-21 Datametrex Graph Blockchain Announces Collaboration Agreement With Revive Therapeutics to Develop a Patient Data Blockchain Platform
2017-12-20 Datametrex Announces Completion of Shares for Debt Settlement
2017-12-18 Datametrex Graph Blockchain Builds a Prototype Blockchain Solution for Electric Vehicle Charging Stations
2017-12-15 Datametrex Announces Binding LOI to Acquire Ronin Blockchain Corp., a Global Cryptocurrency Mining Company
2017-12-06 Datametrex Announces Shares for Debt Settlement
2017-11-21 Datametrex Blockchain Creates Joint Venture With Bitnine
2017-11-07 Datametrex AI Forms Subsidiary Focused on Implementing Blockchain Solutions
2017-11-01 Datametrex is Positioned to Complete Acquisition of Nexalogy
2017-11-01 Datametrex AI Limited announces proposed private placement
2017-10-12 Datametrex AI Announces Frankfurt Listing
2017-10-05 Datametrex AI Limited and Nexalogy Environics Security Solutions Overview
2017-10-02 Datametrex AI Technology and Blockchain Update
2017-09-26 Everfront Ventures Corp. announces name & symbol change to Datametrex AI Limited (“DM”)
2017-09-25 Everfront Ventures Corp. Announces Definitive Agreement to Acquire Nexalogy Environics
2017-09-12 Everfront, Nexalogy extend purchase deal signing date
2017-09-07 Everfront Ventures Signs LOI with LOTTE Data Communication Co to Explore Implementing Data Collection and AI Services
2017-09-05 Everfront Ventures Signs LOI with AimToG to Service the Major Demand for DataTap and Nexalogy AI Solutions for Conglomerates
2017-08-23 Everfront Ventures Announces Results For The Second Quarter Ended June 30, 2017
2017-08-21 Everfront Ventures Signs LOI with Distribution Canada Inc. to Collect Retail Point of Sale Data from Independent Grocers in Canada
2017-08-17 Everfront Ventures Corp. (o/a Datametrex) Annual and Special Meeting & Purchase of Shares by Insiders
2017-07-11 Everfront Ventures Corp. Opens the Market
2017-07-05 Everfront Ventures Corp. (Datametrex) Issues Stock Options
2017-07-04 Announces Letter of Intent to Acquire Nexalogy Environics
2017-06-21 Everfront Ventures Corp. – Qualifying Transaction-Completed
2017-06-16 Everfront Ventures Corp. - Corporate Update
2017-06-12 Shell Sammary for June 12, 2017
2017-06-08 Everfront Announces Closing of Qualifying Transaction with Datametrex
2017-05-26 Everfront has conditional TSX-V OK for Datametrex QT
2017-01-11 Shell Sammary for Jan. 10, 2017

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